What Is A Commission?

Defining commission in relation to realty, a commission is a percentage of the property sales price that is collected by a real estate professional as a fee for negotiating the transaction.

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Back From Cancun

My lovely wife and I recently got back from Cancun, Mexico and we had an amazing time together!! This was our first trip to Cancun. We stayed for a week and hit the beach, hit the spa, did some Mayan excursions, did some shopping, lounged around our hotel and more. We didn’t want to leave and can’t wait to go back! Here are a few of many pictures taken during our trip…











The World’s First Solar-Powered Laundry Dryer

Take a quick minute to read about this neat solar-powered  dryer…

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Chris Tate

Our Garden Summer 2013

We had a great time gardening this summer.  At one point we we’re going to put a greenhouse in the backyard, but after more discussion and gardening information, we decided to make use of our planter box. We grew some delicious organic jalapenos, bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, hot Thai peppers, and zucchini. Yum yum!! Take a look at some pictures from our garden…

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Patricia H. Birdsall Sports Park

Hi Friends,

Here is a slideshow of Patricia Birdsall Sports Park.

If you are interested in homes near this park, just call 951-290-8850 and We will be there to help you find a home.

Chris Tate Earns Property Management Certification


I did it!

Temecula–Century 21 Wright announced today that Chris Tate has completed the comprehensive training from the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® on Property Management and has been awarded the Property Management Certification (PMC). The certification is earned by completing a series of four, four-hour classes that offer detailed instruction designed to help professionals learn how to successfully manage residential property rentals for individual property owners and investors. The curriculum covered compliance with Fair Housing, State and Federal laws, and statutes that protect tenants. Instruction also included the best practices for building a business and developing relationships with client property owners, as well as the completion of forms and agreements.

Chris said, “With this training I now have the knowledge I need to help clients who own rental properties to market their properties, manage their risks, and understand their return on investment, whether the property is a single family, two-to-four unit residence, or a large apartment / commercial building. Because these courses are vetted by C.A.R. Legal staff, I am confident that I know how to manage trust funds, handle tenant disputes and the eviction process, to serve property owners and investors in full compliance with California and Federal laws.”

Chris offers full service property management in Temecula, CA and surrounding areas.

If you’re curious about our property management services, just give me a quick call at 951-290-8850

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Get The Skinny On Pools and Values

Hi Friends,

This is a good article on pools and values… check it out:

Your Temecula Real Estate Guy, Chris

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